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York Native Artist Finds New Use for Sculpture

“Pekin Drake,” sculpture by Charles Rudy
I have been doing research for a future York Sunday News column on York born and raised sculptor, Charles Rudy. I’ll share more on his life and works later, but considering the weather conditions we have had for the past couple of weeks, I couldn’t wait to share a little bit of Rudy’s correspondence.
The Historical Society of York County (now part of York County Heritage Trust) had exhibited 26 of Rudy’s works in November and December 1961. Some were borrowed from others, but the sculptor evidently had brought a car full himself from his home and studio in Bucks County. Below is an excerpt from a letter Rudy wrote to Daniel R. Porter, then director of the historical society, after Rudy returned home with the sculptures in January 1961.

“The return trip here was made quite well. Two days later there was another bad snow here so I got in just under the wire. I unloaded as soon as I reached home except for the heavy stone mother and child. I left it in for a week to hold down the read end as it was a good concentrated weight for the road conditions here. I am a mile and a half from the good highway and needed it to negotiate the hills.”

YCHT Library/Archives has a file of papers and photographs, donated by Charles Rudy, concerning his works. There isn’t a photo of the mother and child statue, but the one above of a life-size duck in marble, give an idea of how much weight can be concentrated in a compact form. Pretty classy ballast.
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