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York Manufacturers Hoped to Resume Lost Russian Trade

1905 was one of the most turbulent years in Russian history. York manufacturers had evidently had quite a brisk trade going on with buyers in Russia before a tariff was enacted a few years before. The York companies were again hopeful when they heard that the tariff against United States goods was to be lowered.
I don’t know if the trade ever resumed, considering the Russian turmoil, but the item below from the September 12, 1905 York Gazette gives us an idea of the York-made products that went to Russia over 100 years ago.


York manufactories will benefit immensely by the lowering of the duty upon certain Russian imports announced by Mr. Witte, the peace envoy, to President Roosevelt, Sunday, following a decree by Emperor Nicholas. The raised tariff went into effect several years ago as a retaliatory measure for the sugar tariff of the United States.
At that time York firms like the Pennsylvania Agricultural Works and the S. Morgan Smith Company were making large and steady shipments to Russia, through agents the firms had in that country. The Pennsylvania Agricultural Works sent engines, boilers and saw mills while the S. Morgan Smith Company was sending water wheels.
With the high tariff came a fatal blow to this constantly growing trade. The tariff was entirely prohibitory to American manufactories.
During this period England, and especially Germany, made the most of this advantage. Germany now monopolizes most of the trade.
Now that the tariff is again at the normal rate these local firms will make a great effort to regain their lost trade with Russia. They have agents on the field and are expecting orders before long… .