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York firemen disagreement settled by Mayor Loucks

Vigilant Chemical Engine pulled by glossy black horses

Fire engines are still eye catching, but so were the colorful horse-drawn fire apparatus and the beautiful horses that pulled them. A short article from the August 24, 1894 York Daily tells the tale of two proud York fire companies, each of which was determined to lead the parade. The article below tells of the wise intervention of Mayor Loucks and how his suggestion managed to please everyone:

The Apparatus and Horses Greatly Admired–The Same Old Trouble About Precedence.

The display of the York city fire department last evening was decidedly a most creditable one. The Good Will company of East York, also turned out, helping to swell the parade considerably. The parade was to have started at 7 o’clock, but as the Vigilant company was at the head, the Laurel refused to parade unless they were given the right in the parade.

Some time was lost in the discussion of the matter. Mr. Foust of the Vigilant, suggested that the Laurel and Vigilant companies go side by side in the parade, but this was not agreed to. the matter was referred to Mayor Loucks for settlement.

He declined to act, but in a few judicious words poured oil on the troubled water, when Mr. Foust volunteered to take the rear of the procession, which then moved from the corner of Duke down to Centre Square, down George to Philadelphia, countermarched to the Square, down Market to Beaver, countermarched, then out South George to King, countermarched to the Square, and after parading around the Square they were dismissed.

The streets and Square were lined with people, and the beauty of the horses and fire apparatus were a theme of praise from visiting strangers.

In other words, when the procession turned around to countermarch, the unit that was in the rear would be in the lead. Thus both companies took turns being at the head of the parade.

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