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York Fair food is still good and the horses are still trotting.

Undated old postcard

Where was everyone? It was perfect weather for the fair this evening, but the crowd seemed mighty sparse. Granted, there was no big-name act on the grandstand, but there were bands playing for free, the harness races were free, the newborn calves were cute and the food was good.

Speaking of food—I had to do a taste test. First I had a Bury’s hamburger at the same stand I did last year. I didn’t check the name, but I assume it is still Johnnie Eagle’s. The burger was good and tender with a tasty sauce. The fries were very good—fresh out of the fryer. A little later, all in the name of scientific experimentation of course, I had a burger at another stand—this one said it was Joe Bury’s original. It cost 50 cents more, but it was thicker and so was the sauce. I liked this one a bit better, but maybe it was because it was more like my mother-in-law’s recipe. You’ll just have to try them yourselves.

My daughter and I relaxed in the grandstand, watching seven races, about half the card for the night. The horses I picked won three out of the seven races—maybe I should try my luck soon at a regular betting track—or not.

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There is another session of free harness racing starting at 10:30 tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Be sure to pick up a free program—it tells you a lot about the horses. They are beautiful animals to watch, no matter where they place in the race.