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York County Potato Chips in the news again.

Utz or Martin’s–which is best?
York County potato chips manufacturers are in the news again. It looks like Utz has pulled out of the deal to merge with Snyder’s of Hanover.
Before I wrap up my “potato chip series,” I want to give a nod to Herr’s snack foods, located not too far away in Nottingham. Their sour cream and onion ripple chips are second only to regular Utz in my book. Jim Herr bought a small Lancaster potato chip company in 1946, shortly before marrying wife Mim. They built the business up over the years, surviving a devastating plant fire in 1951. They now make over 340 snack foods and distribute them in 26 states and in Canada.
The chip manufacturers I have been researching had their beginnings in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. In a search for more early chip makers, I checked the Polk’s city directories for York County. These directories were issued every two years and covered York city and “all boroughs located on the lines of York Railways Company” [the trolley lines]. York County Heritage Trust doesn’t have quite a full run of directories, but I found more than I thought I would. (See below for a sampling of the results).
Who knows how many more chipmakers there were out in the rural areas, like my mother and father. Even though my parents didn’t stay in the potato chip business and become multi-millionaries, I would love to have one of the little wax paper bags with the imprint of Burk’s Potato Chips. I remember some unused ones around the house from my childhood, long after they stopped making chips, but I guess they were eventually discarded. You just never know what might come up at a public sale or antique shop, so if anyone ever locates one, keep me in mind.
Some chipmakers listed in city directories:

There are no potato chip manufacturers listed in the 1907 Polk’s directory and 1909 is missing.
Strine, Jacob W. potato chip mnfr, 574 W. Clark Ave, res. 42 N. West (see ad)

Crist, Henry W. potato chip mnfr, 726 W. York St., York (home and business)
Coover, George V. 272 S. Richland Ave., York (h 764 W. Princess) (Carrie)
Bon-Ton Potato Chips, 272 S. Richland Ave., York
Coover, Geo. V., 272 S. Richland Ave., York (h 764 W. Princess) (Carrie)
Ziegler, Chester A. (Nellie) 719 Windsor St., York (potato chip mfr., business & home)
Fauth, Edw. B.,(Virgie) 124 E. Broadway, Red Lion (potato chip mfr., business & home)
Marks, Harry (Olive) 449 S. Main, Red Lion (potato chip mfr., business & home)
Wm. C. Kinard, (Marion) 30 E. Main, Windsor (potato chip mfr., business & home)
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