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York County news: A graduation party at Mulberry and the stage coach from Long Level to Red Lion


As I mentioned previously, it wasn’t difficult to get your name in the newspaper in earlier days. Stringers from every little community submitted very local news, for which they were many times paid by the length of the column. Many of these towns and villages had their own small newspapers, which was another source for the larger papers, such as the York Gazette, York Daily and York Dispatch. Here is what was happening out in the county according to the Wednesday April 13, 1904 York Dispatch. (From microfilm at York County Heritage Trust.)

“Mulberry, April 12.–D.J. and J. G. March, sons of H.S. March, left Millersville State Normal school on Monday. A social in their honor was given at their home on Saturday evening. About 50 neighbors gathered at the house for the occasion. During the evening vocal and instrumental music was rendered.

Jacob Smith, Henry Eberly and Mrs. A. Wohlgamuth, who have been on the sick list, are recovering.

Abraham Cleaver is a victim of vertigo.

The farmers are busy plowing and sowing oats.

Religious announcements: The Rev. Mr. Deitzler will preach at Red Run on Sunday next at 10 a.m. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Reformed communion at Red Run, Sunday, April 14, at 1- a.m. Preparatory services at 2 p.m. the Saturday preceding.”

Do you know where Mulberry was in York County? Click here for more about Mulberry.

From another part of the county:


The stage route from Red Lion to Long Level, for many years under control of Benjamin Long has changed hands. It is now in charge of H. C. Donogher of Long Level. The stage leaves every weekday as follows: Leave Long Level at 6 a.m.; leaver Red Lion at 3:10 p.m. and Windsorville 4 p.m.”

You don’t think of stage coaches travelling around York County, but that was the public transportation of the day. Since it ran on week days, one way in the morning and returned in the afternoon, I’m guessing people from Long Level and down that way commuted by stage to jobs in cigar factories in Red Lion and Windsor.

Here was what was happening that week at Lewisberry and Delta.