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York County jail empty and other news.

Recorder 6-9-1829

News from the York Recorder, June 9, 1829:

This didn’t happen very often:

“The jail of this county is at present empty—not an individual being confined therein for crime or debt. The like has not occurred before for nearly two years.”

At that time many positions were political appointments, leaving the previous office holder, usually of the party previously in power, suddenly jobless Some top county office changes were announced in the same newspaper:

Appointments by the Governor.
FREDERICK EICHELBERGER, Esq. to be Register and Recorder for the county of York…Jacob B. Wentz, Esq., removed.
RICHARD PORTER, Esq. to be Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas and of the District Court…Michael W. Ash, Esq., removed.”

The editor’s sarcasm that day was reserved for a federal appointment:

“Mr. DANIEL SMALL (Surveyor) has been appointed Postmaster for this borough, in place of Thomas McGrath, Esq., removed.

As this change was certainly not made by the Postmaster General, except by compulsion of higher authority, we must take leave to consider it an appointment by Andrew Jackson, by and with the advance and consent of Duff Green.

Mr. Small will no double be a very good and competent officer:–our only objection to him, besides protesting against proscription for opinion’s sake, is that the Post office has already been sufficiently long an heirloom in the family.”

Wonder who Duff Green was? Click this link.

And then there is the exotic sounding European doctor who has just come to town, bringing a cure all medicine with him:

Of the Medical Faculty of Vienna.
Respectfully tenders his professional services to the inhabitants of York and its vicinity. He flatters himself that, from his knowledge and experience, he will be able to give entire satisfaction to all those whose patronage he may receive. His office is in the house of Mrs. Haller, a few doors from the Courthouse, where all calls will be promptly attended to. Dr. Bergleit also informs the public that he has for sale the ‘Vegetable Catholicon’ so celebrated in Scrofula, or King’s Evil, Rheumatism, Syphilis, tic and Mercurial diseases, in which he has seen beneficial effects resulting from its use in Germany and France, and the Pectoral Emulsion, a remedy he has found eminently serviceable in chronic catarrhs and Asthma. May 22, 1829.”

Scrofula is a tubercular disease of the lymph nodes in the neck. For centuries in Europe, it was thought that the touch of a king or queen could cure the disease.

Dr. Delasell cures all in Dover.

Caldwell Bitters for whatever ails you.

“Cattle doctor” Heffner can brew a cure for your animals too.

A 20th century snake oil salesman from York.