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Wine Making Goes Back a Long Way in York County

William Wagner drawing of Newberry St. at Philadelphia St. Buildings in background at Upp vineyard, now Farquhar Park.</
I posted a couple of blogs lately on brewers in 19th century York County. That fits right in with the majority of Pennsylvania Germans settling the area. Click here to read about the Barnitz family brewers.
So does viticulture (growing grapes) and viniculture (making wine). Most of those settlers came from the Rhineland, still a center of grape cultivation and wine making.
As far as I know, there are no breweries right now in York County, but there are several successful vineyards. From the York Gazette ad below, it seems like George Upp was having a good year growing grapes in 1828:



The subscriber respectfully informs the public, that he can supply persons who wish to engage in the Culture of the Vine, with


of the greatest variety and choicest kinds, which he will dispose of by the quantity at moderate prices. He has also on hand about One thousand cuttings with roots which will bear the 2d or 3d season after they are transplanted and which he will sell on reasonable terms.
Persons in the borough of York and vicinity who wish to have grape cuttings planted in their gardens, can have them planted in the proper manner by the person who superintends the subscribers Vineyard.
Orders from a distance will be punctually attended to.
Application to be made to David Chaut, at the Vineyard within half a mile of the borough of York, or to the subscriber residing in said borough.

George Upp.

November 18, 1828.”
George Upp’s vineyard is said to have been on the site of present-day Farquhar Park in northwest York.
Click here for Jacob Busser’s 1812 wine song.