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What Went on at the York Fair?

n 1867 the York Fair was held in October, about a month later than the current September time slot.
What did those fairgoers do for fun 140 years ago? The fairgrounds, which then stretched from King Street, just east of Queen, to the Spring Garden Plank Road (Prospect Street) was a lively place.

The York Gazette reported on October 8, 1867:
“Thursday was a great day at the Fair. In the morning the cavalcade of Thayer & Noyes Circus paraded around the ring. In one open cage sat a keeper among a number of wild animals, and on the top of another cage sat a large lion, likewise attended by a keeper.
In the afternoon, the Zeigle Guards and York Zouaves, the latter accompanied by the Worth Infantry Band, marched into the ring, and there went through the drill and a variety of Maneuvers, much to the satisfaction of the large crowd of spectators.” (The three units referred to were local military units.)
“The weather interfered with the trotting at the Fair on Friday morning. One trot came off on Saturday morning, between Ross’ sorrel and Cookes’ bay, the former winning in 3 minutes 9 seconds. The track was in a very muddy condition and entirely unsuitable for trotting.
The rest of the races were postponed until Saturday morning next, when they will take place at the Fair Grounds, under the auspices of the York Trotting Association.”
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