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Victor Herbert Praises York’s Weaver Pianos

Renowned composer and orchestra leader Victor Herbert was in the prime of his career when he came to York in May of 1908.

Herbert is may be best known for the 43 operettas for which he composed the music. They include Babes in Toyland and Naughty Marietta.
Since he was also an accomplished pianist he hied himself down to the Weaver Organ and Piano factory on Broad Street while he was in town. He is quoted in the Gazette as saying, “Your Weaver Pianos are quick and responsive to the touch. Few pianos are made that way, and such fine tonal qualities are seldom found in pianos made today.”
The Weaver people were probably ecstatic to hear that. At least the newspaper reporter was–the article continued, “The expert mechanics as well as the superintendents and proprietors received a new inspiration to continue their efforts to produce not simply fine instruments but the best instruments that can be made. Any patriotic York Citizen would have had his breast swell with pride to hear such enthusiastic words of praise on a York product.”
Even though production ceased many years ago, there are still a lot of York Weaver pianos around. The next time you see one, treat it with a little respect. If it was good enough for Victor Herbert, it should be good enough for you.
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