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The Good and the Bad in Glen Rock in 1938

Local news has always been avidly read in York County newspapers. A sampling from September 10, 1938 from Glen Rock includes vandalism on one hand but civic good on the other.
The vandalism appears under the heading: “School Board Scolds Boys.”

It reads:
“At the monthly meeting of the local school board Tuesday evening, six local boys, between the ages of 14 and 16 appeared and admitted their guilt in wrecking the backstop at the baseball grounds, on the school hill. After a severe reprimand from T. M. Brown, president of the board, the boys agreed to assist the school janitor, William Cooper, in making the necessary repairs. The board discussed at length the malicious mischief, which has been going on at the school grounds the past several weeks. A few days ago some miscreants completely wrecked a small merry-go-round, a gift to the school grounds by the Glen Rock Lions club. They threw away the grease cups and ball bearings of the machine and smeared grease on the other equipment on the grounds. It was said that if there is not a halt to the practices the board will take legal action.”
But then there is the good works of the above mentioned Glen Rock Lions club. An adjacent article reports on one of the ways they successfully raised money to help the community:
“At the semi-monthly meeting of the Glen Rock Lions club, Wednesday night, in the Community hall, it was announced that the sum of $5,488 was the net proceeds of the sixth annual carnival held here recently.”
That seems like a pretty good profit for a community carnival, especially since the nation was just coming out of a long depression. Then, as I noted in a couple of recent posts, entertainment seems to do well in times of economic stress. In fact, I just read a few days ago that movies are doing well in our present time of financial uncertainty. Entertainment can take your mind off your troubles for a little while.
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I hope the Glen Rock vandals grew up to be upstanding citizens, maybe Lions or even school board members themselves.
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