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Students Strike at York County High School

The York Gazette reported that when a favorite teacher was let go, seemingly as a cost-cutting measure, Codorus Township High School students took matters into their own hands.
The teacher didn’t let matters rest either, and the case ended up on court. Even then the Codorus Township school board didn’t exactly rush to follow the court order. The school hired a specialist on redundancy law for employers.
The article reads:

Codorus Township Board Meets But Postpones Bushy Case.

At its monthly meeting Saturday, the Codorus township school board failed to take the action directed by the York County court last Wednesday, that of entering into a written contract with Glenn L. Bushey as a teacher for the 1937-38 term. The matter was discussed by the board, but definite action was held over for an adjourned meeting to be held on Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock.
Mr. Bushey was present at the meeting. It is understood that the matter was talked over between him and board members and that several propositions were presented but fell by the wayside. It was revealed that Mr. Bushey seems quite adamant in his securing his contract as a teacher, while the board apparently seeks a way out of not having too many teachers on its payroll.
Mark S. Fuhrman was employed by the board (a former one) when Bushey lost out last year, which precipitated a strike on the part of the Codorus Township High School pupils in sympathy with Bushey. Then, recently, the board took on another employee in the person of Former Assistant Superintendent of County Schools Amos J. Krebs, who was given the job of supervising principal of the township’s school.
It is expected the board will come to a definite decision Wednesday evening.
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