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Stuck in the Mud between Red Lion and Dallastown

You think road construction causes problems for motorists now? The following news article, from the October 19, 1928 York Gazette, might make you appreciate modern techniques.

Many Autos Caught When Rain Makes Swamp of Red Lion-Dallastown Road

Red Lion, Oct. 18–The detour between this place and Dallastown was turned into a quagmire by this afternoon’s storm, and a couple hundred hapless motorists were held for several hours in its clutches. The detour, made necessary by the reconstruction of the stretch of highway between these two boroughs, had been made by the state highway department by the way of the Dallastown Furniture Company, and became a sea of mud when the torrential rains fell this afternoon.
Several trucks became mired and this blocked the traffic both ways. The tie-up lasted several hours and was finally untangled with the cooperation of Officers Royer, of this place, and Cox, of Dallastown.

Take to Trolley Cars

Many motorists coming from York took the new road to Yoe, continued on to East Yoe and turned south to this borough, in order to avoid taking chances on the detour. Other motorists coming from York, learning of the condition of the road left their machines at Dallastown and came over by trolley.
So that no one driving a motor vehicle will remove the barricades at the end of this town and Dallastown, while the building of the new state road is in progress, telephone poles have been placed across the highway to the height of five feet.

Progress on the New Road

Since the rebuilding of the new state road between this town and Dallastown has been started, additional workmen have been engaged by both the Interborough Gas and Fuel and the Red Lion Water companies. The York Telephone and Telegraph Company has a force of men at work relocating their poles. The Raub Construction Company, which is building the road, has made splendid progress since it began operation. The York Traction company is already concreting between the rails of its new track. Altogether, these companies have almost 200 men at work.”
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