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Still another York County Potato Chip Maker

Site of 1950s potato chip factory in Hallam.
They just keep popping up. York County people sure do love their chips. They are fiercely loyal to their favorite brands, usually Utz or Martin’s. Lay’s and Bickels have their followers too, as do Herr’s. Many wax nostalgic over the home-delivered Charles Chips of their youth.
Over the past several months, friends have mentioned the potato chip factory in Hallam. With their help, and by checking old city directories and phone books at York County Heritage Trust, I have come up with the information below. Can any of you add to the story?

I’m told the factory was at 277 East Market St. in Hallam. I was puzzled when I checked out that address because 277 is on the red brick house attached to the white-painted brick larger building, which is now numbered 281. There is, or was, a connection between the two buildings, as the owner of a cigar factory that preceded the potato chip manufacturing in the white building supposedly lived in the red brick house.
Other clues were that the potato chips were called Bailey’s or Dutch Boy. City directories and phone books led to Victor E. Bailey, president of Hellam Foods. The company was listed at the Hallam address from 1952 through 1957. Bailey lived at 807 West Princess St. in York, but is listed as a potato chip maker (Hellam) and as operator of a potato chip stand at 211 South Duke St. in York [City Market].
I’m still not sure of the brand of chips made in Hallam. The local people may have called them Bailey’s because that was the manufacturer’s name. An online search for Dutch Boy chips brought up a collectors site. There are five Dutch Boy tins illustrated from the 1950s. All five have varying red, white and blue designs, and they all have the same little Dutch Boy head logo. Most give Philadelphia as a location of the company, but one says El-Ge, York. My guess is that Bailey’s factory was one of several that made Dutch Boy chips.
Anyone care to share more on the Hallam potato chip factory?