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Simon Einstein Celebrates Election Win with Cabbages

Lewis Miller drawing of Einstein and his cabbages
Yesterday’s post told how early York County Democrat Simon Einstein [Anstine] was successfully elected on his own ticket to the Pennsylvania General Assembly when fellow Democrats left him off the official slate.
How did he celebrate? With a wagon load of cabbages! Lewis Miller captions his drawing of the event as follows:

Simon Einstein, for the good news he brought a wagon load of Cabbage to town at the market place for sale.
After the Return, Judges brought in from different districts of the Election poles the majority of the members elect, the[y] found Simon hat a large majority of vote[s] on the Ticket. So–he was a member of the house to Represent York County as legislator. And the settlet Ticket of the County Democrats was Crippled. All together Huzza for Simon. Oct. 13th.

My opinion–you would have thought he could have brought the cabbages to town to give away in celebration. Maybe they were such good Windsor Township cabbages that Yorkers were just lucky to be able to buy them at market.