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Reluctant York County Politician Predicts Loss

Henry Fortenbaugh didn’t figure he would be elected Sherriff of York County in 1877. Besides, he didn’t want to run anyway.
The York Gazette ran excerpts from a “long letter” to the York Press concerning his extreme displeasure with the York Republican and his not-good chances in the upcoming election.
The Gazette article of October 30, 1877 reads:

“Mr. Henry Fortenbaugh, the Republican candidate for Sheriff of York county, whose name the Republican has taken down from its masthead for personal reasons, has written a long letter to the Press, on this subject, in which he shows his teeth as follows:

My father was a subscriber to that paper ever since it was published by the Messrs. Cochrans, after his death I continued my subscription of a few years up to the present time. But if the editor of that paper will publish such trash as that contained in the article in question, I will not only discontinue my own paper, but will use all my influence to prevent others from taking it, and by the time Mr. McNair is done with me, he may find out to his own financial disadvantage, no doubt, he has awakened the wrong passenger. * * *
To think of being elected Sheriff of York County, under present circumstances with the large majority against us, no sane man would ever entertain such a thought for a moment. * * * I did not ask to be placed on the ticket and knowed nothing of it, until I was so informed afterwards.

Mr. F. also give his autobiography and antecedents to show that he is a first rate citizen.”
Fortenbaugh was correct about one thing–James Peeling was elected Sheriff of York County in 1877, not Fortenbaugh.
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