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Rain Strands Peach Bottom People at High Rock

There was a lot going on in the Delta area in October 1877, as reported to the York Press by their Delta correspondent. For example, temperance meetings were flourishing there.
Sad news was received from the Black Hills that Dr. P. A. Dinsmore, of Peach Bottom, had passed away. The correspondent doesn’t say what Dinsmore was doing in South Dakota, but it was the height of the gold rush in the Black Hills, so perhaps he had gone there to seek his fortune. (Did you know engineers with Custer, in 1874, are credited with discovering and spreading the word about the gold in those hills?) Click here for more on the Black Hills gold rush.
The difficult excursion of local citizens to the York Fair got the most coverage:

“A great many folks from Peach Bottom attended the York Fair. The weather was good with the exception of Thursday, when the rain poured down all day, washing out about half mile of track between Bruce and Bridgeton stations, on the P.B.R.R., so that the passengers on the train, which went down that evening, were obliged to make themselves as comfortable as possible. At High Rock they were provided with night lodging, and spent the next day strolling about the neighborhood. On Friday morning, thirty men were put to work at 4 o’clock.”
I would venture to say that High Rock wasn’t quite as exciting as the York Fair.
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