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President Taft Addresses York Crowd from Back of Train

York County has had a good share of visits from U.S. Presidents. In one of a series of recent posts on presidential visits to York County, Jim McClure mentioned that William Howard Taft spoke to Yorkers from the back of a train. Click here for more on Taft’s visits.
The photo postcard above, recently donated to the York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives, was sent by one of the members of the crowd to a friend.
It is addressed to Miss Mary Roser, Glen Rock, PA and was sent from Daniel Knaus, 258 E. King St. It was postmarked at York, Pa on April 6, 1910.
The message, written on both the front and back reads:

“Well Mary, heres your card. Guess you thought I wouldn’t send it.”
In margins:
“Do you remember when Taft was here last spring?
How is everyone getting along down there?
I’m in the crowd, can you find me?”
In that crowd, you wonder if Daniel could even find himself. Those were the days when both men and women wouldn’t think of going out of the house without their hats.
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