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Philadelphia Merchant Offers 25,000 Lbs. of Feathers

York has always had close ties to Baltimore. It was easy to get there on a horse or with a wagon, stage or carriage–no rivers to cross. James Livingood covers it well in The Philadelphia-Baltimore Trade Rivalry 1780-1860.
Even though it was a little more difficult to get to, York County people did have a lot of commerce with Philadelphia, both on individual and wholesale levels. It wasn’t uncommon to find York papers carrying ads from Philadelphia merchants. The advertisement below, from the May 17, 1843 York Pennsylvania Republican is an example. It also makes me appreciate my modern mattress.

To Housekeepers.

25,000 lbs. Feathers

For sale very low, in quantities to suit purchasers for CASH, at prices from 10, 15, 20 and 25 cents per pound.

Ready Made Beds, Bolsters and Pillows,
Curled Hair Matrasses, and Moss, do.

and all other kinds, to suit any sized Bedsteads always on hand.


by the bale or single pound.
Country Storekeepers would find it to their advantage by calling on the subscribers before purchasing elsewhere.
S.E. Corner of Second & Walnut streets, Philadelphia.

I can’t imagine how much space 25,000 pounds of feathers must take up.