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News from Yoe

In the late 19th century and well into the 20th century, York newspapers had stringers in just about every small community throughout the county. These local people reported on church, school and social happenings. I mentioned before that my aunt was the Gazette and Daily stringer at New Bridgeville, Chanceford Township, so our Sunday dinners together sometimes ended up in the paper.

I think the community reporters were paid by the inches of copy reported, so they didn’t miss a lot. For example, see below for the December 15, 1899 Yoe news of the week from the York Press:

On Saturday evening a fire company was organized here to be known as the Citizens Fire and Hose Company. Eighty members have enrolled. These officers were elected: President J.R. Snyder; Vice-President, Dr. Overmiller; Secretary, W. H. Anstine; Assistant Secretary, E. G. Utz; Treasurer, Samuel Slenker; Trustees, 3 years G. A. Kohler; 2 years C. S. Snyder, 1 year B. F. Keller. A charter will be procured. Another meeting will be held on Saturday evening.

Daniel Brillhart moved into the house he built on Broad Street.

Andrew Keesey, of Hellam, who is driving one of E. J. Kuhn’s baker wagons, moved into the house vacated by Mr. Brillhart.

J. R. Snyder has been appointed a substitute letter carrier for York city.

W. H. Anstine is selling holiday books since the Red Lion schools are closed.

E. J. Kuhn is erecting a large stable in the rear of his baker house. Isaac Bull is the contractor.

Rev. J. P. Koontz purchased a Weaver organ last week.

Rumor has it that a cigar box factory is to be started by some of the largest cigar manufacturers in York, Dallastown and Windsorville in the spring.

How’s that for detail?