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More rural York County news, 1894


Here are more local news items from the small towns and rural areas of York County. These are from the October 19, 1894 Delta Herald and Times, under the heading “Brogueville Items.”

The correspondent, who coyly signed himself or herself “WHO DO YOU THINK,” managed to created news items out of scant substance. (On second thought—is it that much different from today’s social media?)

Still, besides letting the citizens of “the lower end” know what their neighbors were up to, the brief items do provide clues as to where our families lived, who their friends and family members were and even to where some of those elusive relatives may have moved.

Mrs. McKee of Collinsville, and Mrs. Reed, of Brogueville, paid Wrightsville and Columbia a visit last week returning home on Thursday evening, saying they had a very pleasant time.

Quite a number of the young folks attended the fair last week and thought it was very good.

Mrs. John Small’s family moved to York last week, after spending the summer in the country.

Mr. John Bowman and daughter of Illinois are paying their friends in Chanceford a visit.

Mr. James Kilgore’s new house is completed and his tenant, Mr. Burk has moved in and thinks it very comfortable.

Mr. Tom Pyle of Gatchelville, spent Sunday with his brother near Brogueville.

Mr. James Lyons has returned to Philadelphia after spending some time with his friends at this place.

We are waiting patiently for the wedding bells which we think will be soon from Chanceford.