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More on York’s Eastern Market

White Rose Arena between Market and Philadelphia Streets in 1930
My recent post outlined the origins of York’s Eastern Market. The vendors were ousted from the market house, which had operated since the late 1880s at 480 East Market Street, in early February, 1947 in favor of a Sears farm store.
Luckily, the farmers, bakers, butchers and others had already found a home nearly across the street in the basement of the White Rose Arena. The huge building, used as a skating rink and for other events, stood behind the York Theater and other buildings on the north side of Market Street, just east of the railroad tracks. I’ve been told that there was a walkway by the theater to get to the rink and the market.
The skating rink had originally been at Highland Park in western end of York, but it had been torn down and reconstructed between Market and Philadelphia Streets by J. William Richley, quite a feat as described in his 1951 autobiography Obstacles No Barrier. After the move it was called the New Eastern Market.
There was still another move ahead for the market, this time due to a huge fire that destroyed the White Rose Arena in December 1953.

It seems it was time for the New Eastern Market to have a new permanent home. The lenghty caption of the photo above, from the September 23, 1955 Gazette and Daily, reads in part:

“NEW MARKET–Applications for stands for the new Eastern market under construction on Memory Lane are now being taken as the structure is expected to be completed in time for the Thanksgiving holidays…. The arched laminated rafter roof with two side wings spans a width of 120 feet. The building is 300 feet long. Estimated cost is $125,000. The new market will be operated similarly to other farmers’ markets in the city, and replaces the Eastern market burned out in December, 1953, when fire destroyed the White Rose Arena.”

After nearly 55 years at that location, New Eastern Market is still going strong. They are open all day Friday. I think the current hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

New Eastern Market, 2009
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