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More of Camp Security Site to Be Explored

The 280 acres on which Camp Security was located is highlighted in yellow.
I am glad to see that there is going to be an archaeological dig this summer at the Schultz house, which was the original pre-Revolutionary house on the land that David Brubaker owned during the Revolutionary War. Camp Security was located on part of David Brubaker’s 280 acres from 1781 to 1783. It is located in present-day Springettsbury Township, but it would have been part of Hellam Township at that time.
Historic York, Inc. presently owns the house and the four+ acres on which it stands. True, four+ acres is a fraction of the property in Brubaker’s time, but it is a start, or restart, into exploring the only undeveloped site of an American Revolutionary War prison camp. (There were previously two limited digs done on another part of the original acreage.)

The map above, from the 1810 resurvey of Springettsbury Manor, shows the scope of the Brubaker land, which consisted of the three parcels outlined in yellow. If you compare it with a present day York County map, you can see how the curve in Locust Grove Road still follows the eastern boundary. Brubaker’s property would have stretched almost from Market Street to the Windsor Township line.
The Friends of Camp Security and Historic York, Inc. will host a free public event from noon until three p.m. Saturday, June 27 at the Schultz House at 580 Locust Grove Road. Camp Security artifacts and documents from the Pennsylvania State Museum will be on display and lead archaeologist Steve Warfel will give a presentation at one p.m.
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