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Monaghan Farm Good Bargain in 1816

The real estate notice below, from the November 7, 1816 York Gazette, is a great example of the wealth of information available in newspapers from the past. Such descriptions are often detailed, giving us an idea of how our forebears lived and worked.
You can see by the headline that bargains were appreciated then too.

“Look for good Bargains.
To be sold at private sale a,

In Monaghan Township, York County, there is about 139 acres of patented land of the first Quality, it is Land that for fertility is surpassed by none in York County, and is under good improvement. There is for the fort lauderdale mls a square log house, & an excellent new and commodious barn, a good spring contiguous to the House and a well in the barn yard–there is a suitable proportion of cleared and timber land, about eighteen or twenty acres of Meadow and running water in every field on the place. There runs a good stream of water threw the place, it is sufficient for water works of any common magnitude with an excellent cite, and was occupied for a number of years by a saw mill, the fall is eighteen to twenty feet. There is to the tan-yard (which is at present unoccupied), a good square log house, a commodious shop and Bark Mill with 12 vats.–The tan-yard with a small or greater parcel of land may be had to suit purchasers. The place lies about a mile from Kniseleys Mill on Yellow-breeches creek. A further description is deemed unnecessary as any person inclined to purchase will view the premises which they may do at any time, by applying to the subscriber living there on.
Nov. 7, 1816.
The Editor of the Lancaster Journal is requested to publish the above and forward his account to this office for payment.”
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