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Log Cabin Campaign Headquarters in York

Lewis Miller drawing of 1840 W.H.Harrison campaign headquarters.
In 1840 Democrats derisively campaigned that the Whig candidate for President, William Henry Harrison, would be more at home in a log cabin. The Whigs seized the idea and used it as a symbol, giving the idea that Harrison was one of the common people.
That wasn’t exactly correct, seeing that Harrison was the son of a Virginia planter, college educated and a career army officer before he got into politics.
The log cabin image was so striking, however, that Whigs all over the country built log cabins to use as campaign headquarters. Did York?

Sure they did. Prowell’s History of York County notes: “A Harrison log cabin was built on the south side of West Market Street, near Newberry, on a lot adjoining a hotel kept by Joseph Wiest. The first meeting was held in the cabin on September 14, 1840. On this occasion, Thaddeus Stevens, then the leader of the Gettysburg bar, and already prominent and influential in the politics of Pennsylvania, delivered an eloquent speech.”
Folk artist Lewis Miller depicts the cabin above. Note the raccoon on the roof. It must have lived in the neighborhood and wasn’t being displaced by any pesky politicians.
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