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Hanover, PA Man Has Operation–Or Two

I keep harping away that the “good old days” often weren’t as good as they are remembered to be. One thing that is certainly better now than it was then is medical knowledge and technology.
The article below, from the April 30, 1908 York Gazette, certainly points out how lucky we are to have the x-rays, MRIs, and various scans now, so that the surgeons can see where the problem is before they cut.

“HANOVER, April 29.–George J. Zinn, superintendent of Mt. Olivet cemetery, near Hanover, who was taken to the Protestant infirmary in Baltimore on Monday by Dr. H. M. Alleman, was operated upon at 4 o’clock last evening by Dr. Pancoast and two assistants. An operation on the liver was first made by the surgeons. This organ was found to be sound, when they based their work on an appendix operation. This diagnosis was found correct, being of a most maligant nature. Although the operation is a successful one, Dr. Alleman does not believe Mr. Zinn can return home in less time than two weeks.”
I think the writer meant malignant, not maligant. I am also guessing that they meant the appendix was dangerously diseased, not cancerous, as we use the word malignant today. It may have been about to rupture, so it’s good they at least identified the site on the second try and didn’t detour to a couple of more organs.
We hope Mr. Zinn recovered and that his liver was none too worse for the wear.
If your are wondering what the Protestant infirmary was, it was the Union Protestant Infirmary, now Union Memorial Hospital of Baltimore.