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Gazette and Daily birthday club, part 2


Here is more on the Gazette and Daily’s Boys’ and Girls’ Newspaper and the birthday club. Erma Henry Raver recently shared some of the birthday and Christmas cards shown here and in my previous post. She and her husband Clinton received them from the paper when they were young.

The cards below are from a series that commemorate the young person’s age that year. I too remember getting birthday cards from the club when I was young, but I didn’t remember what the cut off age was. I thought it was 16. At one time, as shown by Erma’s cards, it went up to at least 20.


I am also showing the bottom part of the October 3, 1940 Boys’ and Girls’ page. My last post showed an example of the top of the daily page for boys and girls. This one includes Clinton Raver’s 15th birthday and crafts with gourds, as well as the regular connect the dots puzzle and riddles (including answers). The Boys’ and Girls’ page took up three or four columns of an eight column newspaper page, so it is too skinny to reproduce a whole properly on a blog format.


Have any of you saved the cards you received from the Gazette and Daily?