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Flood of 1933 Raged through Felton

In a post last week I noted that the Flood of 1933 took out two covered bridges at Muddy Creek Forks. Felton is further upstream on the north branch of Muddy Creek, but in a valley, so waters rage and overflow in a heavy storm. Below are just a couple of examples of the havoc Felton saw in 1933:

“Thousands of dollars of damage was done at Felton by the high waters. Buildings and bridges were torn up and washed away. William H. Stabley suffered a heavy loss. His automobile was washed out of the barn where it was housed and into the center of the creek where the sides and roof of a wrecked building lodged on it. An addition at the rear of his home, which contained ice, cooking utensils and a washing machine, was torn away and rushed on with the current. A small building, which contained a voting booth, was swept from its foundation and the truck with which he delivers ice also floated out of the barn and was badly damaged.”

It was bad enough that the car washed away, but it sounds like it was soon capped by an instant garage. Stabley wasn’t the only Felton resident with problems:

“C. C. Seitz, too, suffered a heavy loss. Two of his warehouses, a garage and chicken house were damaged to so great an extent that it will be impossible to repair them. Besides damaging the buildings, the current rushed through and swept from the building, dynamite, harness goods, poultry wire and many other articles, which have not been recovered.”

Wonder if the dynamite was ever found?