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Fires in Hanover Area Preventable

Every since humans discovered fire, we have been relying on it for cooking our food, keeping us warm, and lighting our way.
We also know the destruction and tragedy accidental fires can cause. Three items, datelined Hanover, from the April 25, 1908 York Gazette illustrate why fire needs to be treated with respect.

The paper carried the poignant report of the recent death of Elizabeth Weaver, age 48, wife of George Weaver, and resident of nearby Patapsco, Carroll County, Maryland. The poor woman had lingered for several weeks after accidently setting her clothing on fire…”while removing stains from the kitchen floor, having poured coal oil [kerosene] upon the floor and applied a match.”
The other two incidents had happier endings, but they still make you wonder: “What were they thinking?”
First: “The bunting of an incandescent light at the confectionary store of Charles Slagle, Baltimore Street, yesterday afternoon, set fire to a screen and burned it.” According to dictionary.com bunting is festive decoration made from paper or cloth. Not the best thing to have near a hot light bulb.
Then there was one of those inventor types: “Yesterday a slight fire occurred at the home of J. A. Smith, Franklin Street. It appears that while Mr. Smith was experimenting with a fire alarm, an invention of his own, a string became ignited and falling upon a bureau set fire to the cover on the bureau. It was extinguished by the timely arrival of Mr. Smith.” Bet he didn’t patent that one.
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