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Do your know any of these York County World War II USO hostesses?


Here is another follow up to my previous York Sunday News column and posts on York County USO activity during World War II. You can find the others at www.yorkblog.com by entering USO in the search box.

After the column appeared two years ago, one of my former neighbors, the late Muriel Sealover Smith, called and shared some of her experiences as a USO hostess, including their trips to nearby bases to entertain the soldiers. I recently found this October 14, 1943 Gazette and Daily clipping on microfilm at York County Heritage Trust. It lists the names of 99 York County USO young women who had just attended a dance for the serviceman at New Cumberland. Perhaps your mother, grandmother or even great-grandmother was among them.

The article reads:

York Girls Attend Hallowe’en Party At New Cumberland Center

“Ninety-nine girls, attired in Hallowe’en costumes, went by bus to the festively decorated New Cumberland Reception Center for the first holiday dance of the season, given under the auspices of the local USO. The 131st[?] Service Band supplied the music.

“Among those present were Jacqueline Loucks, Muriel Sealover, Charlotte Paules, Jane Harman, Mary C. Enker, Esther Williams, Ann Krout, Louis Young, Jane Bastress, Charlotte Brenneman, Marion Dehr, Myra Birnstock, Marie Scott, Doris Bean, Margaret Peacock, Mary Ellen Peacock, Margaret M. Eck, Joyce Meisenhelder, Mildred Hunt, Hannah Sowers, Jane Early, Elizabeth Ann Eaton, Alma Eyster, Jeraldine Austin, Mary Lucia, Mary Weaver, Betty Carbaugh, Virginia Fake, Betty Feigler, Nora Feigler, Dorothy Shultz, Marion Lawrence, Emma Rooney, Jane Gallatin, Marilyn Gannett, Miriam Grove, Cecilia Mayer, Rita Trulinos, Charlotte Lauber, Gloria Gohn, Shirley Hake, Aleda Holtzapple, Mary Lish, Clara Mann, Elaine Breig, Neva Holtzapple, Marguerite Jamison, Mary Jennings, Della M. Schultz, Margaret Debes, Rita Schultz, Rosemary Shellenberger, Carrie Shellenberger, Catherine Labenburg, Ruth Lehn, Janet McCleary, June Markel, Mary Lou Florence, Elizabeth Beck, Patty Miller, Florence Nelson, Mary Nicholas, Betty Pressel, Phyllis Postlewaite, Mary Reever, Dorothy Remsberg, Eleanor Sale, Priscilla Shorey, Phyllis Trout, Ruth Weigle, Mona Saylor, Gloria Mitchell, Jane Wise, Judy Vaughn, Marion Spangler and Betty Lauer.

“Chaperones were: Mrs. Frances Thornton, Mrs. James H. Wood, Mrs. C.W. Emenheiser and Mrs. F. W. Lesley.”