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Cigars Smoking in Red Lion in 1907

One hundred years ago the Gazette reported a disastrous fire in Red Lion:
When Mrs. Emanuel Barshinger of North Main Street woke up about 4 a.m., she could see a fire in Millard Smith’s cigar factory. It soon spread to surrounding buildings. The Smith factory and his warehouse were destroyed, as were John Garner’s warehouse, the stables of Levi Kaltreider and of Dr. G. N. Yeagle.
The Leo Fire company was credited with saving Mrs. John Seitz’s barn and

other buildings and was commended for its quick response. Red Lion residents, including boarders at the Wallick House hotel, were also credited with saving property “from a serious conflagration.” Thankfully, only two persons, John Garner and Curvin Kaltreider, suffered slight injuries.
There were conflicting reports as to whether the two stoves in the Smith factory had contained smoldering fires, so the cause was reported to be “a mystery.”
Total damage was estimated to be around $8,000. The paper reported Smith, Yeagle, Kaltreider, and Mrs. Barshinger carried insurance; but, sadly, John Garner had neglected to transfer his insurance when he bought his building.
“The excitement at times was intense and attracted an immense crowd of people.”
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