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Chips rule in York County

Utz Carlisle Street plant in 1950.
Utz Carlisle Street plant in 1950.

With the change of sponsorship from the Toyota Arena to the Utz Arena at the York Expo Center, I thought I would reprise my 13 previous posts on area potato chips. Click here to learn more about those tasty morsels than you probably ever wanted to know.

There are a few updates since I covered the delectable salty snacks a few years ago. Charles Chips seems to be back, manufactured in South Carolina and available through their web site. I ordered a few times, and they tasted great, just like the ones that I remember the Charles Chip man bringing around years ago. It also looks like you can also order Charles Chips through Vermont Country Store.

Not too long ago, Snyder’s of Hanover merged with Lance and the Snyder’s-Lance umbrella now covers a variety of food products, including Cape Cod chips.

I also came across the recent demise of Gibble’s chips and other snacks; they had been manufactured for many years in nearly Franklin County. It seems a new owner, Eldon Dieffenbach, bought the brand in December 2012 and announced that he was discontinuing manufacturing anything under the Gibble’s brand name in March. To add to the confusion, this Deiffenbach is related to, but is not presently associated with, the Berks County Dieffenbach Potato Chips who make those very good sweet potato chips that you can also buy hereabouts.

As far as local tastes–you know my theory–there are basically two camps of potato chip lovers in York County, Utz fans and Martin fans, and never will the twain agree.