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We’ve seen illuminated objects hang over York’s Center/Centre/Continental Square, usually stars, once ever a glittering chandelier, in celebration of Christmas. But what occasion merited the square decorations depicted above nearly 101 years ago, much earlier than any photos I have seen of Christmas decorations? The York Gazette of May 26,

Old “City Directories,” which eventually covered small towns, suburbs and even rural areas are invaluable sources for researching the past. You can find out where your family members lived and worked; businesses, manufacturers, professionals, local government, churches and social organizations are classified, giving a glimpse into lifestyles. (It seems like

Does anyone know what H&B could stand for on this cane? Last Saturday a gentleman brought it into the York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives to see if he could figure it out, perhaps by finding an organization with those initials. The wooden walking stick belonged to his grandfather, Chester Brenneman,