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Popular authors Scott Mingus and Jim McClure, in conjunction with the York Daily Record/Sunday News, York County Heritage Trust and Pennsylvania Civil War 150, have just published Civil War Voices from York County, Pa.: Remembering the Rebellion and the Gettysburg Campaign. They used letters, diaries, oral histories and newspaper accounts

Settlement patterns can be determined by what those who went before us left behind. Cemeteries offer many clues. The surnames on the headstones and the denomination of the churches with which the graveyards were affiliated point to the ethnic background of the people who lived nearby. The dates on the

Lewis Miller drawing of Confederates arriving in York In a September 1905 newspaper item, York County historian George R. Prowell relates storekeeper Isaac Runk’s dealings with the Confederates during the June 28-30, 1863 occupation of York. Runk’s store was in Freystown, which comprised what is today the 400 through 800

Philip A. Small examining Christian Roth’s wheat Whenever I start researching some York County history, it seems like someone from the Small family turns up. Pennsylvania German immigrant Lorentz Small settled in Windsor Township in 1743, but soon the family became involved in carpentry, building, mills, iron furnaces, retail and