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Pennsylvania German poet Henry L. Fisher at his attic writing desk Some of my posts earlier this year on York County agriculture drew on the books written around 1880 by Henry Lee Fisher, York attorney and Pennsylvania German (Pennsylvania Dutch) dialect poet. Fisher fondly remembered the harvest times of his

Newspapers were the only media outlet in the 19th century and politics often had the most extensive coverage. Even though some papers in the 19th century claimed to be unbiased in theie coverage, most were not. They were emphatic in their political views, attacking candidates and office holders of opposing

Barn at Rock Ford, site of Henry Kauffman Museum A friend, who is active in the Lower Windsor Township Historical Society, called my attention to the reopening of the Henry Kauffman collection at Rock Ford Plantation in Lancaster. She pointed out that Kauffman, who collected Pennsylvania German artifacts and wrote

Fellow blogger Jim McClure just finished a four-part series on whatever happened to the “Hex” murder defendants. Two of those told about paintings by John Curry, one of those convicted in 1929 for the murder of Nelson Rehmeyer. Coincidentally, while researching 1934 newspaper microfilm on another subject for an upcoming