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Brogue School Children Pose for the Photographer in 1915

In the early part of the 20th century, school children usually gathered outside so that a photographer could get a good group photo. I think of individual photos of each student coming later, but my cousin, Nancy Hedrick, shared this photo made up of individual portraits of Brogue students in 1915. Her mother, who was my aunt, and two of my uncles are on the photo (the Burks).
There are a lot of familiar names from “the lower end” of York County–maybe some of your relatives too. The school was at “the Brogue” in Chanceford Township. Mt. Zion Baptist Church now sits on the site, across the Muddy Creek Forks Road from Chanceford Elementary School.
See below for the identification of the children.

Top Row: Freida Gemmill, Joe Burk, Boss Beck, Clair Gipe, Charles Shaull, Carl Workinger
2nd Row: Grace Burk, Marjorie Workinger, Anna Allen, Alice Wierman, Harry Wierman, Clair Gemmill, John Warner, Edward Wiermann.
3rd Row: Francis Allen, Freman Elfner, Fred Allen, Arthur Keiser, Richard Wierman, Harry Miksch, Harry Burk, John Keiser.
4th Row: Elsie Beck, Hattie Beck, Hazel Warner, Margaret Tracey, Alverta Warner, Helen Overlander, Gertrude Keiser, Nellie Hopkins.
Bottom Row: Mary Keiser, Evelyn Gemmill, Lillian Haugh, Thelma Bull, Theon Bull.
The teacher was Mr. Robert Bacon.
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