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Bittersville Man Stumps “What’s My Line?” Panel

These York County people show up anywhere. A friend recently tipped me off on another one: You might remember the long-running panel show What’s My Line? The celebrity panelists were pretty sharp, guessing some pretty obscure occupations held by the guests.
They didn’t guess what Bittersville (Lower Windsor Township) resident Charles Kling did though.

Kling made exploding cigars. It seems there were two kinds of exploding cigars. One way was to embed a small bit of explosive in the cigar itself. The kind Kling made used a cord wound around a spring. When the string burned, it released the spring and the cigar “exploded.” That kind was supposed to be safer, but I wouldn’t want to be nearby.
I did an internet search, and I get the idea that any kind of exploding cigars might not be legal anymore. At least no one is selling them online.
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When cigars reigned.
And burned.