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Bands Play on at St. Luke’s Picnic at New Bridgeville

Front row: Robert Haugh, Claude Gemmill, Elmer Conrad, Howard Haugh, Daniel Douglas. Middle row: Luther Keeports, Curvin Markel, Frank Hake, James Thompson, William Conrad, Henry Shewell, Ed Shelley, Joseph Stermer. Back row: Roy Gemmill, L.D. Sangrey, Emory Beck, Ernest “Tom” Moore, Harvey Haugh, William Arnold, Bertus Curren, Purde Kohler.
Not the same type of band, like the Conrad’s Cornet Band, pictured above, c.1913, but there will still be good music (see flier below) and lots of church-picnic-type food: chicken corn and ham bean soups, homemade pies and cakes, hot beef sandwiches, hot dogs, ice cream… at St. Luke’s Lutheran Church this Thursday . I’ll be manning (womanning?) the cold-soup-by-the-quart-to-take-home window, starting about noon, so stop by and say “Hi.” (The dining room is air-conditioned.)

About the photo:
It is a real-photo post card, so there are probably duplicates around. It is from my mother’s photo album, and Edwin Shelley, middle row, second from right is my grandfather. Friend Jean Robinson had Meda Stermer (b.1901) identify the band members some years ago.
Conrad’s (pronounced Coon-rods, not Con-rads) is another name for New Bridgeville, Chanceford Township.
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