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A Mid-Twentieth Century York Wedding

Weddings can be big and elaborate or small and intimate. They can be in a church, a home or outdoors. At one time couples would often be married privately in the church parsonage, with only the pastor’s wife as a witness. Family members would sometimes then host a reception later at a home or a social hall. Newspaper accounts would list all the attendants and where they were from and describe the bride’s dress and flowers in detail.
I came across this charming account of the wedding of what was perhaps at least a middle aged couple, since she was retired and her parents were deceased. It is from the February 4, 1939 York Dispatch.


“The Rev. Charles H. Miller, pastor of a Methodist church in Des Moines, Ia. and Miss Martha R.Foose, 423 South George street, were married at 2 o’clock this afternoon. The ceremony was performed in the bride’s apartment by the Rev. Edwin H. Witman, pastor of Duke Street Methodist church, in the presence of a number of guests. The bride wore a wine color dress trimmed with lace and a corsage of white roses and sweetpeas. The matron of honor was Mrs. H. A. Stover, of New Freedom, sister of the bridegroom. The Rev. Mr. Miller had for his best man, Grant Ashmore, of Wilmington., Del.”

The account continues below. As you can see, they didn’t have to travel far for the reception.

“Following the ceremony there was a reception given the Rev. and Mrs. Miller by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Reisinger, who reside in the first floor apartment at 423 South George street. The bride is the daughter of the late David G. Foose. She is a retired teacher of the York public schools. The Rev. Mr. Miller is a former resident of this city. The Rev. and Mrs. Miller will remain the the East for two weeks after which they will leave of Des Moines to make their home.”