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Shenk’s Ferry Woman Known for Fishing, Quilts and Descendants

I was doing some research today at the York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives on York County ferries and came across the article below in the Shenk’s Ferry file. It is from the February 26, 1925 York Dispatch. Mrs. Love sounds like a formidable woman.


Mrs. Catherine A. Love, 82 years old of Shenk’s Ferry, is patiently awaiting the opening of the fishing season. She is York County’s oldest fisherwoman. Mrs. Love has already secured her fishing license for 1925.

Mrs. Love is the widow of Oliver S. Love, who for 27 years until the time of his death 19 years ago, ran the famous Susquehanna Shad fisheries at Shenk’s Ferry. Her husband was a lover of outdoor life and was a hunter and expert fisherman.

Mrs. Love, still, despite her age, likes to fish. She has caught many fine bass and river salmon. She is the mother of 12 children, nine of whom are still living. She has 52 grandchildren, 48 great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren.

The secret of good health in old age, Mrs. Love says, lies in the eating of very plain food, sleeping in good fresh air and doing plenty of hard work. She is in full possession of all her facilities and is seldom or never sick. She has never had a headache, she says, and does not know what it feels like to have one.

Mrs. Love lives alone at her Shenk’s Ferry home in the summer time and may frequently be found fishing along the banks of the river. In the winter she stays with her children and spends her time making quilts. Recently in one winter she made 17 quilts.

I found Mrs. Love’s obituary on findagrave.com. She died in January 1932, just short of her 90th birthday. Her obituary, quoted from the York Daily, says that she left over 100 descendants and mentions her love of the outdoors, including fishing in the Susquehanna River near her home nearly every summer day.