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100 Men with Torches at Red Lion

One hundred twenty-five years ago people were a lot more passionate about their politics. A November 1882 Gazette article recounts a “DEMOCRATIC DEMONSTRATION AT RED LION.” Imagine the following spectacle today:

“A very large political demonstration was held on Tuesday evening in Red Lion Borough. The procession was made up of horsemen, and men bearing torches and banners with suitable inscriptions, headed by the Spring Garden band and a delegation from York numbering at least 100 men with torches.
The Red Lion band, the Dallastown cornet band, the Hopewell band and the Cornet band from Innersville occupied places in the line of procession.
The town was most handsomely illuminated and bonfires were lighted in different places. It is estimated that five hundred men were in line and the enthusiasm was unbounded. L. W. Grenewald, Esq.; was the Chief Marshal, and was ably assisted by Dr. Wegman, Charles D. Meyer, Frank Zarfos, Wm. Allgeier, F. S. Heisler and others.
An interesting feature of the occasion was a wagon drawn by fourteen horses. Fireworks were displayed along the route of the procession and the cheers of the multitudes were many and heartily given.
Short and spirited addresses were delivered by John W. Bittenger and E. D. Ziegler, Esqrs., and by L. H. Grenewald and George Wehrly, in the German language.”
York Countians always did love a parade, but we sure don’t get this fired up about politics anymore.
It is interesting that as late as 1882 political speeches were being given in both English and German in York County.
And, in case you are wondering–we now know Innersville as Spry.
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