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More memories of Ziegler’s Drug Store

Terry Clay shared this image of a Ziegler's Drug Store castor oil bottle picked up some years ago at an antique shop.
Terry Clay shared this image of a Ziegler’s Drug Store castor oil bottle picked up some years ago at an antique shop.

Today, I’d like to share just a couple more memories of the former Ziegler’s Drug Store in York. I’m spring-cleaning my email, and saw that this was a topic we hadn’t addressed in a little while, and that I had a few memories sitting around from!

So pull up a stool to the soda fountain and let’s recall!

Kahren Emenheiser wrote, “I read your article about Ziegler’s Drug Store. It stirred memories in me from the ’50s. My cousin Clyde Staly Jr. worked there at the soda fountain. My mom and dad would drop me off at the drug store while they went shopping downtown. I would sit at the counter drinking sodas while Clyde “Butch” entertained me, when he wasn’t busy. I have such fond memories of my cousin and the drug store.”

I also heard another fun memory from reader Polly Bucklen, who wrote, “I was only in Ziegler’s Pharmacy one time, but one I will always remember. In 1969 we were expecting our first child and I was overdue. Dr. John Herr, my obstetrician, decided to help things along by sending me, along with a prescription for a ‘Herr’s Cocktail’ to Ziegler’s Pharmacy. I took it to the pharmacist (well hidden in the back of the store), he (possibly Paul Thomas), smiled and told me to have a seat at the counter. He went behind the counter, made me a drink and told me to drink it straight down. I followed his instructions, paid for my ‘drink’ and left. Trust is an amazing thing, I had/have no idea what the cocktail contained. I went home fully expecting to go to the hospital that evening, BUT babies have a way of deciding when they wish to be born and I had to wait at least another 5 days before our son was born.”

What a great story, Polly!

Finally, reader Bill Landes noted that Ziegler’s later became a Rexall store. “My grandfather’s doctor office was on the same block (400 West Market) and as a child I must have been there often, but as an 8- to 12-year-old didn’t like it because no comic books or magazine rack.”

Bill, thanks for sharing that story!