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Yum! Even more restaurants to remember

As we’ve been talking about stores and restaurants of the past in York County, I just keep getting more and more suggestions.

The food ones are the best, because I remember or have heard of fewer of them myself, so it’s totally new info to me!

George Stubbs wrote recently about the Philly Cafe on West Philadelphia Street West. What he remembers? “Great crab cakes!”

Newer commenter Susie recalls L & R Sub Shop in Spring Grove, and the Horn and Horn Smorgasbord, which Karen Mummert also mentioned; that one was in the bottom level of the North Mall.

Bern Bevenour writes about The Broilburger. “In the middle of the South side of the 600 Block West Market Street… It was a small eatery which served such fare as hamburgers and french fries.”

Melvin’s used to be on East Market Street in York; Bridget says, “Does anyone remember Melvin’s? It was located on the Haines Road behind the Village Green Shopping Center in the 1960’s. I especially remember their Frosty Malts — a kind of super-thick milkshake you ate with a spoon. When ice cream cones were typically 10 cents, Frosty Malts were 15 cents, so they were a special treat!” (Bridget – you should definitely check out Jim McClure’s 2007 post about Melvin’s!)

She continues, “I’m also wondering if anyone remembers Quick Cook in the Village Green Shopping Center? They did a broasted chicken that was to die for! My parents often bought Saturday night’s supper there.”

Brother-in-law Mike, one of my best sources of all things York County, was able to help with an answer to a question that arose in the comments on an earlier post. He writes, “After a short discussion with a friend, we came up with the name of the pizza shop on Pine St. We believe it was Pantano’s.” (We later found this to have been, likely, Spataro’s.)

In that same string of downtown memories, Dianne had written, “Remember when ‘Mike’s Nuts’ was located in the basement of the Gates House/Plough Tavern? The aroma of roasted peanuts was wonderful on a cold winter’s day. The smell wafted through the open wooden basement doors where you could buy paper bags of warm, roasted peanuts. Were they 25 cents?”

And commenter Barry Ness, thinking about our ongoing Route 30 puzzle, writes, “Been trying to remember the name of the bar/restaurant on the corner of RT.30 and Sherman St. (southeast corner). Am thinking it was ‘Tropical Bar’? The place was removed when the ‘new’ Rt. 30 roadway was expanded from 2 to 3 lanes.” He continues, “At one time, Rt. 30 from about Toronita to Roosevelt was called the Golden Mile of Restaurants. Had your choice of type of places from fast food to sit down.”

Greg S. remembers more from Route 30 as well. He mentions Bright Star, which he places at the corner of Route 30 and Roosevelt Avenue, and Orange Julius in the North Mall. (Which was one of my favorites, of course for their hot dogs!)

I didn’t know of many of these, except maybe Horn & Horn and Orange Julius, so I was THRILLED with all these suggestions. Keep them coming – please!

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  1. Pizza Place at the corner of Philly and Pine was definitely Spartaros. My sister-in-law worked there as a teenager and now 77 yrs old.

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