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Your ideal day in York County

Remember a month or so ago, when I posted about a day spent with my in-laws that I described as close to a perfect York County day?
Well, commenter John L. replied to my question: What would be your ideal day in York County? He said: “My ideal day in York County might be morning Mass at St. Rose church, a round of golf at Grandview golf course in Shiloh, a nice steak dinner at Coombs Tavern on Pennsylvania Ave., then home for a big piece of homemade pie bought that morning at Central Market, (and maybe some Mack’s Ice Cream with it).”

My ideal day would DEFINITELY include time in one of our county parks, preferably with a lake. (See above, from June 2009!)
Anyway, I thought I’d ask that question again today: What would your ideal York County day consist of? I know I promised a new Monday series, now that we’ve made it through the ABCs, and today is Monday. This is related to my new series idea, though! You’ll just have to guess what it might be. Anyway, share your ideal day lineup in the comments and we’ll see what comes up!

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