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You know what I haven’t had in a while?

I was thinking. You know what I haven’t had in a while? A good hot dog. In fact, I haven’t had any hot dogs lately, because I’m back on the eating-healthy-and-exercising wagon for the new year.

But I was going through some old e-mails and found this one from commenter Randi, and it really got me hungry for a good hot dog.
She wrote: “You keep talking about hot dogs, what about the ones from the old Sears at the York County Shopping Center? They are the first I can remember of the dogs made on the rollers. That was the only reason I liked to go to Sears.”

Roller-dogs are definitely the best; I still vote for Hills as having had the best roller-made hot dogs back in the day, but I do remember having them at the old Sears, too. Does anyone else?

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