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You all win!

I didn’t have one person (well, of the three who responded) get the “hamburg barbecue” quiz wrong. Of course, that’s the correct answer – hamburg barbecue – if you’re a Yorker.

Megan says her husband (Hi, Neil!) gets totally frustrated and says there’s no such thing as “hamburg.”

Joe says he guessed hamburg barbecue as well, and in addition, weighed in that though you might have a slightly different recipe for an official “sloppy Joe” than for “barbecue,” they end up basically the same.

And Dan, who I cornered about this lovely food while we were treadmill-power-walking, says it’s definitely “hamburg” barbecue – or maybe just “barbecue.” Then, you add “pork” if it’s pork barbecue or “chicken” if it’s chicken barbecue. But barbecue alone is, of course, hamburg(er).

Surprisingly, my favorite Yorkism-er, Jo, didn’t vote. Where are you, Jo?! (Oh, my husband didn’t vote either, but him, I can kick.)

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