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Seeking information on York Fair postcard


A quick note today from Cindy Roach of Dover, who shared this image of a postcard purchased in November 2014 at the York International Postcard Expo at the York Expo Center.

On the bottom of the card, the date of Oct. 11, 1906, is handwritten.

Cindy said nothing is written on the back of the card, and it is not postmarked.

She was curious about the date, writing, “I know that the York Fair was held in October in the early 1900s, but the dates were earlier in the month, not on the 11th. I was wondering if any of your readers know if this card is indeed from the York Fair from that year. The card says it is the ‘President’s Escort, 13th U.S. Cavalry, York County Fair,’ and the card was published by L.G. Harpel, Lebanon, PA. Any help you can give me in researching this post card will be appreciated.”

Any information for Cindy? I’m curious as well!

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