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York County’s “other” Susquehanna bridge

While I was off in early March, I got the great idea to travel York County’s historic Norman Wood Bridge.

So I bundled my husband and daughter into the car, and off we set for Lower Chanceford Township. We headed to Wrightsville, then followed the river south along Routes 624 and 425, cutting over to Route 74 in Airville and heading a little further south. The bridge, if you don’t know, is along Route 372 (Holtwood Road, on the York County side) and runs just south of the Holtwood Dam.

Now, the funny thing is, I hate crossing bridges. I’m afraid of heights – and this is a particularly high-up bridge, of course! Don’t ask me, but I really enjoyed it nevertheless.

We stopped at PPL’s Lock 12 Recreation Park – they maintain it because of their connection to the dam – and took some photos, including the ones here.

Our favorite sights were the prominent danger signs – because the water level changes so suddenly because of the dam, they direct people to leave immediately if they hear sirens or see flashing lights.

We finished our drive by coming north in Lancaster County and home along Route 462 (Market Street), crossing back into the county over the Columbia/Wrightsville bridge.

Overall, a highly recommended, York County-based day trip. Anyone else been down there? I’m hoping to spend a little more time in that area, maybe exploring some of the hiking options, when it gets a little warmer!

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