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Words of wisdom, Pennsylvania Dutch-style

Every language has its “words of wisdom.” I love fortune cookie proverbs… but today, I have something even better – Pennsylvania Dutch proverbs!

These are from November’s Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group newsletter, which got them from “Proverbs of the Pennsylvania Germans” by Edwin Miller Fogel, PhD.

Vum saage was mer heert saage, Grickt mer gern uff’s Maul geschlagge.

That one means “Repeating hearsay often brings punishment.”

Die greeschde Sarye macht mer sich selwert.

That’s “One’s greatest cares are self-made.”

En zweebehnichi Sau gleicht niemand.

Any guesses? It’s “No one likes two-legged swine.” (Um… sure!)

And one more good word of wisdom:

Saag mir mit wem du gehscht un ich saag dir wer du bischt.

“Tell me who are your friends and I will tell you what you are.”

There you have it, good advice from our “Dutch” ancestors!

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