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Without further ado, the start of the ABCs of York County

I missed you all! Thanks to those who e-mailed or commented and wanted to know where I’ve been. We’re a little short-handed in our department, so I’ve been busy putting out papers, but I’m back to regular posting starting today.

ABCs of York County on Only in York CountyToday kicks off a new series on Only in York County – the ABCs of York County. This is a series that needs YOU in order to be successful!

Each Monday, I’ll take suggestions on words or phrases that are special to York County and that start with a particular letter. Being the organized type, I’ll go A to Z. No jumping around!

I’ll take your suggestions for an entire week, then the next Monday, I’ll create a poll of the top five and let you vote. (We’ll also kick off the suggestion pool for the next letter at that time.)

And the following week, I’ll announce the winner!

So this week, we’re taking suggestions for A words and phrases that describe York County. Apple butter? Accomac? What else?

Next week, we’ll take B suggestions and post the poll of the top five A words.

And the following week, I’ll take C suggestions, post the poll of the top five B words and announce the A winner!

Sound like fun? I’d really love to get all sorts of suggestions. Even if you’re not from York, chime in – I’d like to see what others think about our area, too!

So… A, anyone?

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